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Trang chủ » ‘Costly mistake attributed to Gleyber Torres: It’s my error’

‘Costly mistake attributed to Gleyber Torres: It’s my error’

Gleyber Torres’ miscue ends up costing Yankees: 'Error is on me'

Gleyber Torres’ miscue ends up costing Yankees: ‘Error is on me’

The New York Yankees suffered a 3-2, 10-inning loss to the Boston Red Sox on Sunday in The Bronx, extending their losing streak to six games. One of the key moments in the game came in the eighth inning when Gleyber Torres made a “bizarre error” that allowed Kiké Hernandez to reach second base. Hernandez later scored on Jarren Duran’s groundout to tie the game and send it to extra innings. Torres took responsibility for the mistake, saying he “looked too fast to [see] the runner and just missed the ball.” The Yankees’ offensive struggles have put added pressure on the team to avoid making “little mistakes,” according to manager Aaron Boone.


What was the score between the Yankees and the Red Sox?

The game was tied 2-2 in the eighth inning when Torres made his error, which allowed the Red Sox to score the tying run and eventually win the game in the 10th inning.

What was Torres’ mistake?

Torres was in position to catch the ball thrown from left field by Billy McKinney but “whiffed” on the play, creating a bizarre error that allowed Hernandez to reach second base.

Did Torres take responsibility for the error?

Yes, Torres admitted that the error was on him and that he should have caught the ball, which was “nothing difficult.”

What did manager Aaron Boone say about the team’s “little mistakes?”

Boone said that with the Yankees’ offense struggling, the team can’t afford to make mistakes like the one Torres made. He emphasized that the team needs to be “more careful with the ball.”

Gleyber Torres’ miscue ends up costing Yankees: 'Error is on me'
Gleyber Torres’ miscue ends up costing Yankees: ‘Error is on me’

“I’m Responsible for the Error that Cost the Yankees in Gleyber Torres’ Misstep”

Aaron Boone and Gleyber Torres react to Yankees’ “Little Mistakes”

The Yankees lost 3-2 against Boston in The Bronx, and while their offensive struggles continued, Aaron Boone stressed the importance of avoiding “little mistakes” that can have big impacts on the game. This was perfectly demonstrated by second baseman Gleyber Torres’ error in the eighth inning that allowed Kiké Hernandez to reach second and eventually score the tying run.

As Michael King pitched to Kiké Hernandez, he hit a leadoff single through the left side of the infield. What should have been a routine throw back to second turned into a bizarre miss by Torres. Billy McKinney casually one-hopped the ball to Torres from left, but Torres whiffed and the ball skipped by him all the way to first. This allowed Hernandez to reach second, and he went on to score on a groundout by Jarren Duran.

“We’ve got to be more careful with the ball,’’ Boone said. “Period.”

Meanwhile, Torres accepted responsibility for the error, admitting, “The error is on me…I should’ve grabbed the ball. It was nothing difficult.” While McKinney blamed himself for “not making a better throw and putting it on the chest to Gleyber,” even if the ball had not been thrown directly at Torres, he was still in position to stop it from getting by him and keep Hernandez at first.

Torres’ occasional head-scratching errors have now amounted to six this season after making seven all of last year. Boone acknowledges that “one of the things Gleyber does really well defensively is he plays the game with ease,” but he must strike a careful balance. “That can’t get on you like that,” Boone said. “We’ll work through it.”

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